Human DNA Bank


Who can apply :

  • The person heading the organization should be born Indian.
  • 500sq feet of owned constructed area in the name of company/organization/head of organization. No rental place can be used for opening CC.
  • Sales / marketing experience of at least 5 years.
  • The organization seeking setup of CC must be involved in scientific / medical / research activities.
  • 2 non networked (independent) personal computers each with cd write and printer.
  • 1 A4 size flat bed scanner.
  • 1 digital camera.
  • 2 email ids
  • 2 telephone lines, on one tele-fax facility
  • A good financial backup.
  • As the DNA bank activity is a sensitive issue and need precise working, person heading organization should not have been involved in any criminal activities in past nor in present.
  • An affidavit on court papers for above clause is to be provided.

Manpower requirement :

  • 1 CC director operation
  • 1 receptionist
  • 1 computer operator
  • 4 (minimum) marketing executives
  • A written agreement with any one prominent courier service.

How many CC in each district :

There will be only one CC in each district (except Delhi, Bombay, Calcutta, Madras,
Bangalore, Hyderabad – where 3 CC will be opened).
In case one CC feels difficulty in covering the entire area of district, another CC may be
opened but the preference will be given to existing old CC.

Activities of CC:

  • The role of collection centre will be making members for DNA bank, helping member in filling the form, obtaining 4 drops of blood on the pre-treated cheese cloth, registration of all 10 fingers of member by given fingerprint readers, and sending all these to head office of IQRA biotech services at Lucknow.
  • At hq at Lucknow, all the forms will be processed for electronic aCCession, DNA will be processed for manual and automated genotyping (DNA finger printing), storage of blood/DNA sample / fingerprints.
  • Lastly a contact type sim base smart card will be generated having all the details of individual in electronic area of card & photo, basic information of person with an i.d number of person. the smart cards created will be send back to CC to proper disbursement.
  • The CC will help the police department and other govt.. organizations by providing the information of master database and will help them in case of operational difficulties.
  • CC will help these departments in implementation of dis (DNA identification system) related s/w & h/w CC will periodically update installed stations.

Support from IBS to CC:

CC will forward any 2 suitable candidates for 1 week training at Lucknow.

These candidate will be trained free of cost at Lucknow, lodging will be provided free for
entire one week. IBS do not take responsibility of transportation, TA, DA, fooding etc.

S/W for the entire task to be done by CC will be provided free of cost.

IBS will install S/W on one of the computer of CC at Lucknow. If needed installation can be
done on more computers. Computers are to be brought by CC authorized representatives.

On-line operational support later on.

As IBS works on 16 x 7 x 365 matrix, prompt continuous support will be delivered by IBS.

Areas in the premises of CC:

Reception counters with waiting area

Counseling cum specimen collection room – 2

Computer data entry room – 1

Director operation office – 1

A map of required areas will be provided by IBS, however CC will be free to arrange the site
in such a way that it do not appears congested and there should be adequate space in each
room as per its function.


Organizations/ companies interested in setting up DNA collection centre of IBS, can offer
their candidature in writing along with proposal contain various aspects of
organization/company profile, along with the full details of the person who will be overall in
charge of cc operation, and the details of present team for the purpose.

A detailed financial breakup will be supplied after through study of presented proposal.

Organizations/companies related with medical / scientific / research field will be preferred.