Human DNA Bank


There are number of uses and benefits to the members of DNA Identification System (DIS), as well as to the government departments. Few important uses for general public are listed below :

Benefits to Public:

  • Identification of a lost child unable to speak, in an Exhibition / Huge gathering / School / Public place / Railway station.
  • Identification of a lost senior citizen (geriatric person) unable to speak, in any Exhibition / Huge gathering / School / Public place / Railway station.
  • Presentation of entire information about you and your spouse at the time of admission of your children in school / college.
  • Your entire detail is there on DNA card, thus will be extremely helpful in police verification generally needed for Passport department, allotment of Ration cards by Sector warden, at the time of joining service in government and private sector etc.
  • If the DIS member dies out of the city and tagged as UNCLAIMED BODY by the security agencies, can easily be identified.
  • If the DIS member gets accident ad turned unconscious, can be identified.
  • If the DIS member is hospitalized while he/she is unconscious; the drug allergy information written in your profile will help the doctors to treat in better way and chances of Adverse Drug Reaction are minimized.
  • In case of false identity being forced on you, the card will help. Even if some body steel it or snatch it , simply tell your ID number – we will search your details any where in the world.
  • Confirmation of your identity during obtaining Pension.
  • Absolute confirmation of your identity while booking Air tickets.
  • Absolute confirmation of your identity before the court.
  • If a child is crying and weeping while abducted, the child can easily be identified.
  • To produce & show all personal informations needed in government or private sectors while obtaining Loan, applying & booking telephones, opening account in a bank.
  • It will act like a top level Identity Card of individual, and can be produced whenever needed.
  • In case your signatures and hand writing are need, all these are there in electronic area of Smart Card.

Benefits to Government:

  • Identification of right person getting entry at the top security sites / organizations, will minimize chances of bad happening.
  • Identification of right person being permitted to go out of country, at emigration, minimizing escape of wanted people.
  • Identification and determination of non-wise people entering in prohibited area /
  • organization / ministries / offices of top security, will eliminate chances of any planned bad action.
  • Checking DNA cards at different locations will reveal out infiltrated persons.
  • Checking the transport services (Bus / Train etc) on random level to find out real identity of person / infiltrated persons / non-wise persons.
  • Over verification of candidates applying for selection in police / defence services / armed forces / secrete agencies, so that non-good people can be filtered and caught.
  • Over verification and determination of a person presenting in different identity, will catch illegal persons.
  • Valuable confirmation of an individual at the time of events of national importance, will minimize bad happening / bad planning by bad people.
  • Over confirmation of important localities involve in organizing functions where VVIPs are arriving, will safe our VVIPs.
  • To check and record who is meeting with the notorious elements under police custody / jail, people meet with false identity is a common news.
  • To check and record, and find out that any non wise person meets with our ministers / top authorities / VVIPs / VIPs.
  • To find out strangers coming with false identity in our important government offices, will minimize any ill act / bad planned activity.
  • The top level examination like IAS, PCS, IIM entrance, IIT entrance, MEDICAL entrance, other NATIONAL level entrance examinations can be made safe and clear, no other person can appear in examination in lieu i.e only real candidate can appear in examinations. How ? (ask us).
  • No person can take fake guarantee during process of bail, will minimize abscondence and vanishing of bailed person.
  • No citizen can leave country if the security agencies or court or government wants due to legal or security reasons.