Human DNA Bank


Human DNA Bank is basically a huge collection of human DNA of the people residing in Republic of India. The concept of human DNA bank and its need is revolutionary and is a long awaited expectation from the scientific arena for Indians. So for there are many labs throughout the world putting extreme focus on Cellular Microbiology specially Genotyping either on animal or plants. However few of them are mainly concern with human Genotyping (DNA Finger Printing).

In our country the Republic of India, the largest democracy of the world the people needs the Personalized Data with Biometrics which should be accessible throughout the country at any desired / needed location even out of India. The encoded result should appear on computer screen within few seconds. These Reading Stations should be available at larger level wherever security is involved.

This system will facilitate us in two ways, first the identity of person once enrolled in the bank can not be altered or changed – as it is severely needed for our security services and controller of our Democratic System. Secondly the need of any individual to be introduced by another individual like in the bank etc. will be eliminated and most realistic and scientific version of identity will be there.

The concept of human DNA bank is conceived, developed and implemented by IQRA Biotech Services and was founded at Biotech Park(Department of Biotechnology), Kursi Road, Lucknow (India). The members of human DNA bank fill
an exhaustive detailed form which includes members paternal, maternal, anthropological details, biometric along with hard copy of finger prints, and specimen of hand writing. The 4 drops of blood of member is taken out through the painless needle insertion system, from the finger tip. One of the drop is subjected for DNA extraction, PCRed and analyzed by automated DNA sequencer as well as by manual DNA sequencer for DNA finger printing.

The Genotyping report is provided to the member as well, and the numerous details of the members are encoded on Smart Cards. Rest of 3 drops of blood are stored as a biological sample for future reference for the period of 50 / 40 years.

The visible area of Smart Cards indicates the photograph of member, basic information, and an ID number while the electronic area contains number of information which can not be seen. These information can be read by Micro Processor based intelligent Smart Card Readers with the help of Computer. The over verification of the person can be done by high speed Optical Finger
Print Readers.

The software for the entire task – called IQRA Soft provides the different Security Levels as needed by Reading Stations installed by Government or Private agencies. Any organization from the entire India / abroad, can obtain Master data base of human DNA bank free of cost. But the IBS charges a small token amount to provide dedicated Finger Print Readers and Smart Card Readers while the Software is given free of cost.

We would like to appreciate you all to understand that any / all the members of this DNA bank are simply Homo sapian sapian (Human – a Social Animal) whether they are criminal or innocent is the subject of our Law and Law enforcement agencies like Police; as our purpose is to establish human DNA bank not the criminal database of country.