Human DNA Bank


It will be advisable that before taking membership of Human DNA bank you must go through the benefits of membership, satisfied and then only take decision for membership. One can obtain membership by contacting Collection Centre located in your city in India. If you donít know address of Collection Centre , send Email to us for obtaining address of Collection Centre. 

Membership is valid for the Entire Life i.e its a life membership, you have to pay only once. The process of membership requires your physical presence & can not be obtained via some other one, in any condition. 

Obtaining the membership of Human DNA bank requires few documents, photographs, Biometric details of your.

Flow of Process:

An executive from Collection Centre will help you in the entire process of membership, and will also give you the Smart Card issued by Head Quarter of IBS. You will fill Application Form for Membership in your own handwriting, a current passport size photograph is needed to paste on the form, a Medical Technologist / Trained Executive will take 4 drops of blood from your finger tip -using a painless high speed lancet , your blood group report by any reputed Diagnostic Centre / Pathology Centre, hard copy of your all 10 hand fingers will be taken on the area allocated on membership form, some Biometric & anthropological measurements will be taken, and finally recording of your finger prints on electronic optical fingerprint reader. Here your turn ends.

All the data of yours will be send to IBS head office where the main task takes place, entire documents will be electronically digitized and stored in Master Computer and will be finally send in Cyber Space so that you can access these information’s from any part of the world. 

Once the above process is over your Smart Card will be made. It has electronic area (electronic chip resembles your mobiles SIM card ) and visual area. Few basic information of member alongwith photograph is printer using sophisticated smart card printer and laminators. These Smartcards can be read throughout the world using dedicated Software and Smart card Reader. 

The DNA card & Automated DNA Fingerprinting Report, and Confirmation of membership, will be send to the Collection Centre in your city, which will ultimately provides to you.

Documents Needed:

1. Birth certificate issued by nursing home / hospital / municipal corporation.
2. Last exam attended mark sheet / degree / diploma showing names of your father and mother.
3. Ration card / any other address verification proof / certificate from Sector Warden for address
verification (Certificate issued by Sector Warden must have Address & activated Phone number)

Time taken during Documentation :

Filling the form and furnishing the other formalities for membership will take about 20 minutes
only. We advise you that you must be free brain and try to accomplish your status. spouse while filling the form. Executive from Collection Centre may come at your residence if you ask Collection Centre.
Total time taken to obtain Membership : Just 9 days are taken by CC & us. It means you may get membership confirmation, Automated DNA Fingerprint Report, DNA card etc. within 11-12 days.

Duplicate DNA Card :

It means a second copy of your DNA Card you need, in case of loss of original. You must report to nearby police station and lodge a FIR immediately you come to know. Second copy will be issued only when you raise a request on a pre-drafted form available with Collection Centre annexed with self attested Xerox copy of FIR. The fee Indian Rupees 500/= to be paid in the form of demand draft will be charged, and issuing of second copy takes at least 3 weeks at head office.