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Smart Attendance System

How IQRA integrated RFID System with Smart School Attendance System

All the students will be Enrolled in the Server based Database.
All Students will be allotted a unique RFID card.
This card will act as their Conventional School Identity card as well as Smart Attendance Card.
The RFID reading devices will be set at Attendance Hotspots.
These Attendance Hotspots will be set at different Convenient sites in school which will depend on the school management.
When the Student Show this RIFD card to the Device, it marks the attendance of that particular student and stores this data with time on the serve database.
When the Student will go back from school, the same protocol will be followed again and the exit time will also be stored.

How RFID system will work for Schools?

will keep record of 
Student’s Entry Time.
will keep record of 
Student’s Exit Time.
will send 
real time Notification/
the Parents.
time of
which can be used for potential
time of
that they invest for attendance
making, average estimation, etc. This time can be used by teachers to
for Lectures. 

Benefits of IQRA powered Smart RFID Attendance System

The Entry as well as the Exit time will be recorded with no extra time spending which conventionally takes in old school attendance methods.
It will give the administration flexibility in Attendance Reporting.
The Administration will get the real time attendance reporting at the click of a mouse.
No worries of DATA loss.
The Complete data will be stored on the cloud server.
Parents will get the complete real time report on their Mobile Attendance App.
When the real time entry-exit TIME Notifications of the word will be given to the parents, they will be in piece of mind.
The Exit Time Notification to parents will act as a clear-cut responsibility barrier for school.

Saves Time & Effort

An autonomous attendance system would
help reduce wastage of important time and effort, that teachers utilize in
managing the attendance manually. Which would result in result in results and
lesser strain that the teachers have to go through in their profession.

Real-time notification Alerts even outside School (VAS)

It is a common problem for school management to know at any time who is riding in which school bus, where and at what time he was picked-up and dropped-off. This information becomes especially crucial in cases involving emergencies such as school bus accidents.

" We propose a system that involves installation of an RFID Tag on students' school bag, an RFID Tag Reader in each school bus, a Server based database and a Communication Link between the RFID Tag Reader and the Server to transmit real-time information pertaining to students' ride, collected by the RFID Readers. "

There will be peace of mind for Parents & a clear defined
responsibility for School.

This System is based on Real-Time Notification facility.
As the Student enters the premises and as it leaves the premises, there will be a notification send to the Student’s parents that 
This will be an absolute piece of mind for the parents, as they will be able to keep a track on their child.
There will also be a piece of mind for the school as earlier it was a responsibility of school till the students are there in the school premises, but as there is not track of students when they leaves the gate and if any mishappening happens with the student in spite he/she has left the school, still the schools are questionable by the parents, and the law enforcement. This system tracks the exit of students. Which is really a life saver for schools.

There will be auto generated reports, that means no later need of register analysis by teacher.

There are Auto generative REPORTS of this smart attendance.
At any time the school authorities can print or download the reports of the attendance in excel file just by the click of a mouse.
Monthly, weekly, any way school likes. The system is completely customizable & the in-depth reports can also be drawn by the system.
If the School want the time duration of the student stay, or School want the monthly average of the students, or the yearly average of the students, school can generate many kinds of reports.

Better Discipline & Better Grades

It is observed and proven in case studies that a well-monitored school will have better discipline compared to schools without surveillance. This is not only because of the improved discipline of the kids, but also due to the improved discipline of various non-teaching staff in the school like security guards, bus drivers, maids etc.. When students are aware of the fact that the attendance is tracked live and communicated to parents instantaneously, this will avoid disciplinary issues. And better-disciplined students produce better grades.

This Complete System Can Very Convenient Be Associated With The Day Today School Management
With No Major Alterations.
And The Benefits Of This System Are Numerous!

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