Identity & Biometric Solutions

The ultimate identity solution

As the world is entering into the future, the true identity of every individual is very important for reducing crime in every domain. At schools, at offices and at every other place where there is crowd keeping track of identity is a responsibility of the care takers of the area.

Identity & Biometric solutions provides solution to all types of identification services required for offices, schools, colleges, departments, colonies,  apartments, etc.

Our Services

School/ college smart attendance system

RFID based school attendance system which ensures complete safety of the student with real time app notifications/SMS , entry and exit time marking, and no chance of Proxy.

Complete control of students’ attendance on the hands of administration  (through RFID smart card attendance) with live SMS facility to parents.

fingerprint Identity System

Biometric identification is based on the principle that each individual has a unique, identifiable and verifiable specific to them. For fingerprints,  the probability of finding two identical prints is one in 64 trillion, even including twins.

Identification through fingerprint at home doors, gates & entrances of office, shop, school, etc.

Retina/ Iris

retinal / iris recognition is a method of biometric identification that uses unique pattern-recognition technique based upon high-resolution images of the iris of an individual’s eyes. The probability of two individuals having the same iris pattern is estimated to be one in 10^78.

We provide Identification through retina scan for security and attendance.

RFID (radio frequency id) System

RFID cards for walk in identity at offices and schools.

And product control and security at malls, offices,etc.

Identity smart cards

Bulk orders manufacturer of premium ID cards for school/ colleges/ Offices/ Departments.

We deal in all types of plastic cards like-
discount cards, scratch cards, membership card, loyalty cards, privilege card, ATM cards, etc.

We can even personalize and customize according to your demand.

"What we do now,
echoes in eternity"

- Marcus Aurelius