IQRA's Wet Brains Initiative

The once in a lifetime opportunity. To bring your idea to reality.

IQRA Biotech Services is looking for some potential ideas from some
fresh wet brains.

IQRA has been a renowned name in R&D in the field of
Biotechnology. Some of the world recognized projects of IQRA are HUMAN
ORGAN CULTURE, etc. And amongst which Human DNA Bank is still a mark of a
class work till date.

IQRA is looking for recently passed out Biotechnologists who have a
vision, not of a 10 to 5 job, but of giving their blood and sweat to prove
themselves. As due to the current Indian scenario students don’t get exposure
and organizational support to bring their ideas to reality and so their capability
is now allowed to express and their potential gets wasted.

IQRA has come up with a venture to help the upcoming brains who have
new visions and ideas and are in full of potential to prove themselves. 

If you have some unique idea that you think it- 

  •  • Will enhance the society. 
  •  • Will help the society and general public. 
  •  • Is a different and new research. 
  •  • Is a fresh discovery that needs to be uplifted. 
  •  • Is a fresh product. 
  •  • Is a new technology. 
  •  • Is a fresh association of technology.

 And if you think-

  • • Your project will yield quickly.
  • • You can make the market. 
  • • You can express your vision to the world.

 IQRA will help you out in the following ways- 

  • • We will provide you work space. 
  • • We will provide you proper working arena. 
  • • We will provide you banner. 
  • • We will provide you fully equipped Lab. 
  • • We will help you generate contacts. 
  • • And much more.  

Yes, IQRA may partner with you and help you reach the goal. Fill up our form and tell us about your project/ plan/ idea today.

" Don’t be among the people who say- I didn’t got opportunity otherwise I must have proven the world. The opportunity is at you door, you need to work hard and Show up.! "